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About Us

Big city life, Small town Vibe

                 Who are we you ask. Well we the crew at FTC are a bunch or car enthusiasts. From Classic cars to Imports and absolutely everything in between. We love what we do. In our world we consider it an art-form. Something that takes dedication, time and perseverance to accomplish the jobs we do. From Automotive repairs to high end customs we care about your car no matter what it is. To us we are living our dream. We get to go to work every day and enjoy the people we are around and the work we do. It may not be flattering, it may not be clean, but in the end we get to enjoy what makes us happy. Vehicles have been in all of our lives in one way or another.

                 For the owner, James, he was raised with a go pedal below his foot. From the age he could walk he has been behind the wheel of a vehicle. Born in Southern Sask on the farm he had no choice but to accept working on mechanical things. As this was the family's living and the past time was hot rodding. When the work was done on the farm they had time to play. This meant Racing, building high HP engines, Restoring vehicles and engineering ideas that most thought could not be accomplished. As time progressed the love of vehicles is still there. We see them in our way. Something that shines, sounds aggressive and looks mean. We continue this work today from Maintaining your daily vehicle to building you a high performing vehicle that can conquer the roads. 

                   Who would you sooner trust with your vehicle, someone that goes to work every day for a paycheck, or the crew at FTC. Where we love what we do. With a full Journeyman staff and over 65 years experience we stand behind what we do. Because making a mistake to us, is like taking a small piece of our soul away. Our souls are in the vehicles we work on and build. This is something that we are truly proud of. 

Welcome to Full Throttle Concepts

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The Crew

James & Melissa Heatcoat

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Owner operators.

James is a Journeyman Autobody Technician with several other courses and skills under his belt. 

Melissa is the one that keeps us all rocking. She is the Queen of all organization. ;)

Matt Brown

Journeyman Mechanic 

Kat Barker

Journeyman Autobody Technician

Kyle Carter

Journeyman Autobody Technician